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Each week after I edit and upload the Morning Jam video, I start thinking about the next idea. I try to keep the styles varied to keep it interesting, plus I like a wide range of music. Usually by Friday I like to have that new idea mapped out and drums recorded to a scratch track. After the drums are done I'll add a bass guitar and anything else I feel will be fun. These jams have also started from a drum beat...whatever is inspiring at that moment I go with it. I don't stress too much over it.

Todd Mihan bass


When I'm teaching guitar and have an open time slot or cancellation, I make use of that time by practicing or coming up with somethings to play over the Morning Jam I am working on that week. I like to come up with some hooks to make it memorable. Like a little 2 minute song. I would say on average about 50% of the performance is improv.

I film the Morning Jam each Wednesday morning. I do this to leave myself some time in case something goes wrong with any of the tech. Lots of things at play with these videos.

I start by setting up the lights, moving a few things around, picking a mug, and grabbing some coffee. I use an iPad to control my iPhone camera for the video. After I cature the video, I import the file to the computer and finish mixing the Protools session I just recorded the guitar performance into. After it is mixed I import both the iPhone video and the Protools mix into Final Cut for video editing. I sync the audio and video together. I can hear the audio from the phone recording clearly enough match them up. I then mute the iPhone video's sound and leave the music I mixed audible. Then I add the intro and outtro videos and export it. I would say I sepnd about 4 hours a week on this. I have it pretty streamlined. Here's what I did this week....

The cat in the Morning Jam intro is Stevie Ray. Both of my cats became popular when they would wander onto the "set" as I was playing. Here's Nala...


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